Maybe I am just a bitch?

But a pretty face, pleading eyes and a sweet smile should not get a person out of obeying what are considered normal precautions when dealing with a past abuser. NOt that my Owner reads this, but in case He does someday This is a rant, venting, emotional release.

The new girl in the household has really done nothing more for me than cause a ton of headaches lately. She’s pretty and sweet and naive and of course Owner likes all these things.  These are the things that I am not any longer. Although, that should not be swaying Him to side with her on confronting her abuser alone. Yet, he allowed it. I’m sitting here feeling like my authority as first girl means nothing. I’m scared for her and angry, yes very angry. She went AGAINST her Dominant (not my owner, who is just her protector…and not for long if this shit keeps up) and went to deal with him alone without backup. Then, when I advised her to take someone else with her, she fought me on it. However, Owner was home and it was His call. Which He tried to shunt to me. Nope, He’s home Hierarchy is in play. It’s His argument.

But, he hates confrontation and I think that’s why He gave in. I want to be out of the house SO badly right now. I feel like I am being smothered.


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