My spirit soars in service of Him

bdsm, slavery, sex, spiritual slave I know that I’ve been gone for a long time. There has been much illness and much chaos however, I will not dwell on that here. At this moment I am in the hospital. Tomorrow I am being discharged and I feel like I have been places on the precipice of a serious change, a good change however. I have been contemplating much on how my spirituality plays a part in my submission to my Owner. I am a Jewish mystic, I believe in forces that G-d created that are accessible to those with the sensitivity and training to sense it.

In my faith, a woman’s connection to the Divine is strongest when felt through their Bashert their soul-mate, and in respect for that connection a woman must dress modestly especially when married. A married woman must always have her hair covered weather by a scarf or wig. This is in order to say to the world “I do not want others looking upon me with desire or lust, for I am committed.” Some Masters like having their slaves dressed scantily and showing off their assets to any who care to look upon their property and They enjoy the knowledge that those who look may not touch and may not ever possess that slave whose body they have visually caressed.

In my Owners view, He prefers to keep His property covered from sight and only for His eyes because His slave is a holy object. Because of His connection to His property there is a spiritual bond that needs to be covered, kept from sight because it is the most holy thing that a married couple can have.

And so, I cover my head and keep strict clothing rules for what can be revealed and what cannot be revealed and my clothing is not flashy or brightly colored and I am at peace. But also, whenever I kneel to my Owner my heart leaps and I become conscious of the Divinity that is surrounding us all. My kneel becomes a prayer, my rituals are prayers and my spirit is at peace.

I know that not everyone feels this way, not everyone takes their submission into other parts of their lives beyond the bedroom, or a scene and that’s perfectly OK. I just wanted to put this out there for those who perhaps are beginning to wonder about this topic.


Submissive Journal Prompt

“Are you allowed to masturbate? Do you have any rules governing self pleasure?”

Yes, in fact I am ordered to masturbate at least once every day to orgasm. Many slaves I know seem to have rules against self pleasure and their Masters rule them through denial of pleasure…my Owner does the opposite and rules me through the infliction of pleasure, that I be so overwhelmed worth it as often as possible that I cannot be anything other than filled with desire.


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