Rant!! Oh, and other stuff too

 Ranting submissive, BDSM, slave, Sex, bratty sub, SAM, whips, submissive guide  It amazes me, I join a e-mail list for the subculture and it seems that every other day I am getting IM’s from men wanting me to be theirs. I’m flattered, no really I am. Can you all stop now though?! It was rather clear in my profile and my signature that I am an Owned girl with all that entails. Grah! *makes a very frustrated sigh* It’s amazing the things people do when they get desperate. And of course this somehow kicked in one of my not very frequent anxiety attacks. Of course the person that decided to chat me up isn’t answering once I asked him if he were a submissive or a Dominant. Probably realizes that if he says he’s Dom I will stop talking to him, and if he says that he’s a sub he can’t keep up his flirting.

   OK, Rant over.

Now for real content LOL


How do you define “service”?

Service to me is a mindset not an action. It is when the sub or slave is in tune to their Owner’s needs and fulfills them regardless of his/her (the slave) own desires. It is sometimes a mindset I have a hard time achieving mainly because of the crazy and varied jobs I have in my Owner’s home.

What does your collar mean and symbolize to you?

The collar that Owner put on me is the thing that defines my state to the world. “The collar is put on the slave so that the world may know of her bondage, but the true bondage is within” It is more sacred that our wedding bands, more important to me than almost anything that I have as a symbol of my life with Owner. it also extends to the matching bracelet cuffs He put on me.


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